Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Just for kicks and giggles, a look at what could possibly be the Romney administration. At least who I personally would like to see picked. I think the next administration is going to have to filled with All-Stars that can hit the ground running and start reversing the travesty that has hit Washington in the last two years. They are going to need excellent leadership, energy and visibility at every level to be effective.

If you have someone like Rudy Giuliani calling a press conference, he has enough clout that the President doesn't need to be there. Same with Sarah Palin or General Petraeus, they can command a room and address the media and make key issues that they are working on the focus of their agencies, without needing the President to spend any political capitol. Larry Elder as White House Press Secretary is just for fun, I know he can handle it because of how he handles the callers into his radio show. It would just be fun to see someone representing a conservative white house who doesn't let the press walk all over him.


The President: Mitt Romney

Vice President: Marco Rubio

White House Press Secretary: Larry Elder

Secretary of State: John Bolton

Secretary of Energy: Sarah Palin

Attorney General: Rudy Giuliani

Secretary of Defense: General Petraeus

Department of Homeland Security Director: Duncan Hunter

Treasury Secretary: Herman Cain

Secretary of Education: J.C. Watts

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Congress woman Holmes-Norton grills Thai-yoda on her Camry!

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Among the problems I have with this congress woman's "grilling" of the head of Toyota are this:

1) How many members of Congress have the background or would ever be capable of running a successful multi-billion dollar international company like Toyota?

2) Of those how many of them would ever accept full responsibility for something that happened in their company?

3) Of those how many of them would be willing to fly to Japan and testify before the Japanese parliment, and speak to them in Japanese to show respect?

I thought so.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mitt Romney Book Tour Dates!

Mitt Romney's Speech at CPAC 2010!


The more things change the more they stay the same!

Listened to Ronald Reagan's inaugural address from 1980. Mitt Romney could give this exact same speech word for word in 2012, and every word would still be relevant. Government spending is still out of control, taxes are still too high, America will not yield to terrorists, etc.

Powerful words, by the Gipper. You gotta love it.