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Mitt Romney In Sacramento, CA

Republicans, Romney and Race

Sure to be one of the questions at the big debate October 9th (Fred's actually going to show up this time) is the question of why none of the top tier GOP candidates have attended same of the "ethnic" debates that have been held thus far, such as the Gay debate on Logo, the Latino debate on Univision, or the African-American debate hosted by Tavis Smiley (could that really be anyone's name?).

Of course, all of the candidates have cited scheduling conflicts. There have been varying opinions on this issue. Joy Behardt of ABC's "The View" questioned whether the Republican canidates were busy attended a "Klan rally". Newt Gingrich thought it was a mistake on the part of the candidates not to attend, and Star Parker defended their decision thusly:

So it's no surprise that all the Democrats showed up for Smiley's PBS debate for them a few months ago at Howard University. Ninety percent of the black vote is Democratic, so this is a key base for the party.

Of course, they have to show up and pitch this crowd. Particularly this year, when one of the two leading Democratic candidates is black.

But why, when barely one in 10 Republican voters is black, would it be a good use of candidates' time, when they are battling each other for their party's nomination, to court blacks? The time for reaching across the divide is during the general election, not in the primary struggle.

Surely Smiley understands this basic reality that he is distorting into something else.

On top of this, he's got an event that is transparently set up for Republican failure. The host, Smiley, is a liberal, the sponsoring venue, PBS, is liberal, and the journalists selected to do the questioning -- Cynthia Tucker, Juan Williams and Ray Suarez -- range across the spectrum from left to center. There's not a conservative to be found.

Still, JC Watts has a good point as well when he mentions:

It's time my party's leadership considers why 50 percent or more of black Americans support Republican ideas like parental choice in education, are pro-life, pro-marriage, support faith-based organizations getting a piece of the government social services pie, are pro-homeownership and pro-business ownership, yet only 8 to 10 percent of this demographic votes Republican.

If my party could attract even 20 percent of the black vote rather than the 8 to 10 percent we do today, the Democrats would never win another national election.

So what does Governor Romney think of the Tavis Smiley debate? CBN had a chance to ask him just that, here was his response, and follow up question:

Romney: Every month we get invited to do about 10-12 debates, and you can do about one a month because you've got to raise the money, and you've got to do the grassroots work and getting on in the early primary states, and so you can't do all the events that you get invited to. And so you have to decide okay, what's the debate going to be this month, and we've got a debate and we had one in September. We've got one or two now in October. We're gonna have debates right on through, and I'm happy to debate.

I don't really care about the setting we go to. I'm happy to go anywhere we possibly can, and certainly we want to attract African American and Hispanic voters, and I think the Democratic party has done a wonderful job with the mainstream media convincing them that because we didn't do that debate, that means we don't care about minority voters.

Well that's ridiculous. Of course we care about minority voters. We're not entirely brain dead. We want people in the entire country to vote for us -- Hispanic voters, African-American voters -- we all want them in the primary and in the general. So this is not a signal that somehow we don't care. It's the same message we've given to ABC, NBC and CBS and all the other people that have asked us to do more debates than we can do, and that is that when you do a debate. You call for one in the last couple of weeks in September, which is the last part of the quarter, most of us have got things lined up.

Brody: But there's a sensitivity with the African-American community with this. Would you concede that? Obviously there's a downside here to not even to show up because it sets you and others up for this criticism?

Romney: Well it's not going to be the last opportunity we have to debate with the African-American community.

This is a pretty good answer, and 100% accurate. But, in my opinion the question is wrong.

If I were a candidate (and I'm not!) I'd answer the question about attended the various minority targeted debates this way:

In general I think too much gets made of courting the black vote, the hispanic vote, the irish vote, the faith vote, the gay vote, the polish vote or what have you.

We are all Americans. If America is protected and safe, if America has a strong economy, and if America supports family values- those are things that affect every American.

The Democrats have already had debates on the Spanish channel and the Gay network, and a debate targeting African-Americans. I guess it's only a matter of time before they go on Court TV after the "Lawyer vote", or Sci-Fi Network after the "Geek vote". Categorizing people based on their race or other criteria only serves to divide and balkanize the country.

It seems inherently racist to suggest that the only way to reach out to Latinos is on Univision. As if no Latinos watch CNN or FOXNEWS for that matter. As if they are one issue voters, and wouldn't care about the type of things we are talking about at tonight's debate, things like the economy, defeating the jihadists, creating strong families or improving education.

We hear a lot today about celebrating diversity and that's great. But, let us not forget to also celebrate the things they have in common, the common values that all Americans share help to build relationships of trust - so that the country can be united as one. We are all Americans. When we act as one nation of Americans regardless of race our national defense is stronger, our economy is stronger, our families are stronger and America's future is brighter and her best days ahead of her.

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GOP insiders want MITT!

September 27, 2007
Hillary's Insider Advantage
Every day, the political class rates the 2008 White House hopefuls on the quality of their campaigns, how much money they’ve raised or how they performed in the latest debate. But who would make the best president?

Participants from both parties in the latest National Journal Political Insiders Poll believe that Hillary Rodham Clinton would be the best Dem to hold that job, while they split on which GOP contender would make the best president.

A hefty plurality of Dem Insiders (49%) think Clinton is best suited for the Oval Office, followed distantly by Chris Dodd and Barack Obama, who where tied for second with 13%.

Republican Insiders also give the nod to Hillary, but by a much smaller margin, 33 percent. As one GOP Insider said, she is “very pragmatic and solution-oriented. Although many GOP leaders in Congress don’t agree with her, there is a level of respect that is needed for the next executive.” . Bill Richardson, with his record as a tax-cutter in NM, was judged by 26% of the GOP Insiders as the best Dem, followed by Joe Biden, with 19%.

Among the GOP presidential field, 41% of GOP Insiders favored Mitt Romney followed by John McCain, 24% , and Rudy Giuliani, 23%. Twenty-eight percent of the Democratic Insiders, citing his bi-partisan tendencies, thought the best GOP pres. would be McCain, followed by 23% for Romney and, 18% for Mike Huckabee.

The Insiders also weighed in on whether they would like to see the WH noms in both parties agree to use only public financing in the general election. Here the two party’s different philosophies showed through. Among Democratic Insiders, 58% said they’d like to see that deal struck, while 39% said they wouldn’t.

As one Democratic Insider asked, “How is it better to have candidates spend the time raising money, unless we think that begging is an essential presidential trait?” But contrast that sentiment to the whopping 81 percent of Republican Insiders who were opposed to such a deal, while only 18 percent would take it. Said one GOP Insider, “Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for the television commercials they despise" [JAMES BARNES].

Posted at 03:39 PM

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Pancakes and Handshakes in Sacramento

Pancakes and Handshakes on Romney Campaign Stop
Written by Ayesha Thomas, Multimedia Producer

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney made a stop in Sacramento Thursday. The former Massachusetts governor stopped by the I-Hop restaurant on Advantage Lane to greet supporters.

After kissing babies and shaking hands, Romney spent some time with reporters answering questions about healthcare, energy conservation and former California Gov. Pete Wilson's endorsement of Romney’s GOP rival Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York.

On the latter subject, Romney didn’t seem worried at all about the Wilson endorsement.

"I'm actually doing pretty well," Romney said. "I saw a new poll in California. I'm coming up and up and up. In New Hampshire I was in single digits when the year began. Now I'm in the lead. So I'm feeling pretty darn good."

Romney added, "I'm not surprised that Gov. Wilson would support Gov. Giuliani. They're both pro-choice. I think that's pretty expected."

Romeny did blast Giuliani for his policies on illegal immigration.

"His posture also in saying that if you’re working here and paying taxes, then sign them up. In my opinion, that’s also the wrong course. In my opinion, amnesty or anything like amnesty is not the right way to go," said Romney. "We should invite illegal aliens to get in line with everyone else."

Copyright 2007 News10/KXTV . All Rights Reserved.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Romney Wins Michigan Staw Poll!

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney came out on top this weekend at the biggest gathering of Michigan Republicans before their January 15th primary. At the Michigan Republican Leadership Conference, Romney, whose father served as governor of the Wolverine State, took 39% in a straw poll sponsored by The Hotline.

Romney led Arizona Senator John McCain, who received 27%, and Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), with about 11%. While the 979 people who cast ballots are much more die-hard than the Michigan electorate as a whole, the results indicate that top Michigan Republicans are skewed toward their prodigal son. If Romney’s lead holds in Iowa and New Hampshire, a win in Michigan could make it hard for the rest of the field to find their first win.

Romney, McCain, Paul, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Rep. Duncan Hunter and former Senator Fred Thompson all addressed Michigan Republicans during the conference. The poll was conducted Friday and Saturday, and the results were unofficially certified by the Michigan Republican Party.

The results, which come close to mirroring recent polls (Romney leads by 7.6% in the latest RCP Michigan Average) again show that Thompson’s rise to the top will not be easy. McCain’s second-place finish, despite a blow he suffered when Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox left his camp last week, may mean he still has some fight left in him, though he places fourth in the RCP Average. And Paul, who beat out both Thompson and Giuliani, continues to show surprising grassroots-level support. Whether he can translate that into votes remains, however, to be seen.
Full results after the jump.

Full Results
Romney 39% (383 votes)
McCain 27 (260)
Paul 11 (106)
Giulaini 11 (104)
Thompson 7 (70)
Huckabee 3 (25)
Hunter 1 (12)
Brownback >1 (3)
Tancredo 0 (0)
Uncommitted 2 (16)


Of course, the reason this is extremely interesting is that the Romney name is so popular in Michigan that the Republicans would actually have a good chance of carrying the state in a Presidential election for the first time since 1988.

That is 17 more electoral college votes going to the GOP. That would give Mitt Romney a victory in the 293- 235 range assuming Hillary was able to capture all of the same electoral votes that John Kerry did.

Which brings up another interesting point, for months now we've been listening to Rudy Giuliani say that he's the only one that can beat Hillary. What is he basing that on? Some random polling data? From what I've seen Giuliani has shown the ability to do is- pull out of the Iowa straw poll, and lose the Michigan poll as well. He can't put together any type of mobility to show support from ground organization in any of the straw polls. He is losing in New Hampshire, Iowa, Michigan and Nevada and is unlikely to carry the south, yet somehow still thinks he's the only one that can beat Hillary???

Can anyone explain that to me? If Rudy Giuliani is incapable of organizing a team capable of getting him the lead in a single early state, or win a single straw poll - what makes him think he can beat Hillary? Let alone run the White House and serve as Commander in Chief?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Romney Competitive In California

There are some new poll numbers out of California, and Mitt Romney is on the rise. The last poll came out in June with Mitt Romney getting 13% of potential vote, and Rudy Giuliani having a double-digit lead with 31%.

In today's released poll however Giuliani has slipped to 22% and Mitt has risen to 16%. Fred Thompson is also getting 16%, and John McCain 15%. What does this mean?

It means that California is in play. The land of fruits and nuts is anyones for the taking, though it had been previously written off to Giuliani. In fact California was considered a key piece to the Giuliani strategy of ignoring the early primary states, and hoping for a big win on Super-Duper Tuesday. That strategy might not work out as well as hoped. Giuliani is trending downward in California and Mitt Romney has not only risen in the polls, but has raised more money in Silicon Valley than any other GOP candidate.

Based off conversations I've had with neighbors, friends and other voters - I wouldn't be at all suprised if Mitt Romney took California. He is extremely popular among Latinos, many of whom are still registered as Democrats. This is anecdotel I know, but the fact of the matter is his numbers continue to go up, and Giuliani's continue to decline. Look for Romney to continue to gain ground as the race tightens.

Which reminds me, Romney will be visiting the Golden State next week his schedule:

Romney, one of the leading Republican presidential candidates, heads to Silicon Valley where he is scheduled to appear Monday at an "Ask Mitt Anything" town hall. The forum is at 2:30 p.m. at David's Restaurant in Santa Clara.

The campaign says it's open to all; just RSVP on the Romney Web site at

Romney also has scheduled two more "Ask Mitt" events in California: Sunday at Chapman University in Orange and Sept. 26 in Long Beach.

Romney also expects to hit the retail campaign circuit next Tuesday in Bakersfield and Sept. 27 in Sacramento.

Romney-Watts 2008!

Well, our poll has come to a close, and we have a definate winner, with 56% of the vote you guys picked JC Watts as Mitt Romney's running mate.

Some notable quotes from Congressman Watts:

"The government taxes you when you bring home a paycheck. It taxes you when you make a phone call. It taxes you when you turn on a light. It taxes you when you sell a stock. It taxes you when you fill your car with gas. It taxes you when you ride a plane. It taxes you when you get married. Then it taxes you when you die. This is taxual insanity and it must end."

"My father taught that the only helping hand you're ever going to be able to rely on is the one at the end of your sleeve."

"They've turned race and poverty into an industry. They say Republican policies have hurt poor people. Point to them. Look at the major cities where you have black leadership. You have black mayors, black city officials. But you often have the highest crime rate, the highest unemployment. Maybe it's time we look at different [policies] for dealing with old problems."

"I`ve said it publicly many times, and will say it once again: I am the NRA. I am proud of the principles you are fighting for."

"But I am convinced that we can prevail. If we do our best, our best will suffice. The strength of America is not our guns or Hollywood or government - the strength of America is our people - you, me, us, other Americans, our hopes, dreams ambitions, our ideas and most important our goodness."

Check out JC Watts in rare form on CNN:

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mitt Romney: The Man With the Plan

Why is it whever the Boston Globe tries to do a hit piece on Mitt Romney I get this warm fuzzy feeling all over. Perhaps it's just another confimation that the next Ronald Reagan is only a year away from winning the 2008 election. Or perhahps, it's just the knowledge of the superiority of free market solutions to our nations woes.

After JC Watts last column (which I posted) in which he asks where is the leadership? and where is next contract with America? I felt compelled to outline some of Mitt Romney's ideas for the country in a ten part blog post series. That will no longer be necessary. Mitt Romney has beaten me to the punch. He's gone far beyond the contract with America and has instead produced a 67 page booklet outlining his ideas for change and innovation. It's called a Strategy for a Stronger America.
This from the Boston Globe:

In the introduction, he says that America's future "depends on our willingness to hold to the principles that have guided and built our nation." He wants to beef up the military, get tougher on dictators and radical Islamic jihadists, cut taxes, end illegal immigration, and "promote a culture of life."

"I think the picture is, 'I'm a fairly orthodox conservative,' " said Charlie Arlinghaus, president of the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy, a think tank in Concord, N.H. "There's precious little there you wouldn't see in the Heritage Foundation talking points."

"One of Romney's claims to fame is that he is that guy who can write a good business plan, [and] put all the moving parts together," Arlinghaus said. "This is the thing you can wave around, saying, 'I've put out an agenda where I tell you exactly where we need to go, because we need a plan, and I'm the man with the plan.'

You can review and dowload all 67 pages of Mitt's booklet "Strategy for a Stonger America" at this address:


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More - Sick in America - Part 1 (of 6)

I just wanted to provide the link for the rest of this special, as it is not to be missed.

Also, there is this on Mitt Romney's Health Care initiatives by the Wall Street Jounal:

"Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's recent health-care reform proposals, which rely on free-market principles and federalism, will go a long way to fixing our health-care system's woes.

"The centerpiece of Mr. Romney's plan is to attack the tax code's discrimination against cost-effective private insurance. He proposes to allow individuals to deduct out-of-pocket health-care expenditures from their taxable income, allow individuals who purchase health insurance premiums on their own - rather than through their employer - to deduct health insurance premiums, and to expand Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) by eliminating the requirement that a qualifying health plan contain a high deductible."

Learn more about Mitt's proposals here:

20/20: Sick in America

Since Health Care is one of the big issues this election cycle, this video seems very relevant. There are more parts of this video, and I think every American should watch this whole episode of 20/20 "Sick in America". This is a good jumping off point for any type of debate on health care. The solutions to America's health care woes are to be found in the free market through competition as this show makes very clear. The other thing that is very clear to me is that Mitt Romney has a slight advantage over his fellow Republicans (and the Dems) as he is the only candidate to have ever actually accomplished anything in regards to health care.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mitt Slams "Hillary Care"

Romney Pans Clinton on Health Care
By NAFEESA SYEED – 13 hours ago

ANAMOSA, Iowa (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney panned Hillary Rodham Clinton's health care plan sight unseen Saturday, eager to remind voters she failed at "socialized medicine" once before.

Speaking to more than 160 people at a Republican fundraiser, Romney said he didn't expect anything new from the Democratic presidential candidate and New York senator. Clinton is scheduled to lay out proposals for universal coverage in a speech at a Des Moines hospital on Monday.

"She says what we need to do is have the government take over health care," Romney asserted. "The last thing we need is 'Hillary care.' The last thing we need is socialized medicine."

Mark Daley, a Clinton spokesman, brushed off the comments. "Considering Governor Romney's penchant for flip-flopping, he will be the first to endorse it on Monday," Daley cracked.

Clinton said she has learned about the need for consensus since leading the failed reform effort in 1993 and wants to "figure out how we provide universal health care without putting billions more into the system."

"She'll have health care run by Washington," Romney said. "I don't want to have the people who did the Katrina cleanup taking care of my health care."

The former Massachusetts governor favors federal incentives for states to expand affordable coverage, and not a federal guarantee that everyone is insured.

He signed a state law aimed at ensuring universal coverage in Massachusetts through a mix of subsidies, sliding scale premiums and penalties for those who do not get insurance.

Pam Domer, 59, of Anamosa, liked Romney's approach. "I don't want the government running my health care," Domer said. "I would like to have choices that are affordable to me. I like free enterprise health care."

Friday, September 14, 2007

Ahem, Palm Beach Post... uh your bias is showing

Found this little doozy in the Palm Beach Post online edition:

Jeb’s black backers aid Romney
By Dara Kam | Friday, September 14, 2007, 03:47 PM

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, due in Florida on Tuesday, is reaching out to black movers and shakers to help boost his chances in the Jan. 29 primary.

Former Massachusetts governor Romney today released the names of dozens of black supporters, most of them fellow Republicans, throwing their clout his way.

The list includes several Jeb Bush devotees, including David Griffin, a former Florida Lottery secretary appointed by Bush.

T. Willard Fair, a Miami-Dade County activist whom Bush appointed to the state Board of Education and who remains on the board today, is one of Romney’s state finance chairmen.

Joining him is former Orange County NAACP president Derrick Wallace, a longtime Democrat who switched parties after being courted by Republicans in 2005.

Also supporting Romney, who is vying for conservative voters against former U.S. senator and “Law and Order” celeb Fred Thompson, is Leslie Steele, a former Bush staffer who served in his communications office and also as the press secretary for the Florida Lottery. Romney’s Florida spokeswoman Kristy Campbell also came from Bush’s press shop.

Absent from Romney’s cadre of black supporters is anyone from Palm Beach, St. Lucie or Martin counties, according to the press release.

Romney is a Mormon, also known as the Church of Latter-day Saints. Until 1978, the church prohibited blacks from becoming priests.

It's actually a very good article, until the last lines. The problems I have are lines like these:

1. "Romney is a Mormon". How many times have you seen an article end with Hillary is a baptist? or Giuliani is a Catholic? McCain is a Methodist? Great way to end an article.

2. "also known as the Church of Latter-day Saints" I believe and you can correct me if I'm wrong here, but I believe the official name of his church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I can assume that most Mormons would never refer to their themselves as members of the Church of Latter-Day Saints. This does help The Post however in their efforts to emphasize Romney's religion, and imply that he is not Christian.

3. "Until 1978, the church prohibited blacks from becoming priests" I believe this is true, but I'm not sure what in the world it has to do with his supporters. We're any of them trying to become Mormon priests? Before 1978? When they write an article about Giuliani do they finish it off with tid bits about the Spanish Inquistion or the molesting priests?

Nice hit piece Dara Kam. But, you are going to have to do a lot better than that to derail the Romney Express!

JC Watts asks: Where's the vision, leadership within the Republican Party?

In JC's most recent column which you can read here:

He brings up some pertinant points, such as:

"The Republican Party -- the party I embrace as mine -- is suffering from a serious lack of leadership. Who is the face of the GOP?

Not coincidentally, most of the faces who contributed to our poor showing are no longer around.

Tom DeLay left Congress under a cloud. Donald Rumsfeld quietly walked out the back door. Mark Foley is gone. Duke Cunningham and Bob Ney are locked up somewhere. Karl Rove is gone and Dick Cheney is out of sight. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has mercifully put an end to his career in Washington. And Larry Craig, a senator you had probably never heard of before two weeks ago, raised his name identification quickly enough to require his departure from a long career of public service.

On top of all this, Republicans haven't come up with a fresh idea since the Contract with America."

"Can one of the current crop of presidential aspirants provide that? Maybe. But it hasn't happened yet. If not Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney, could Fred Thompson or upstart Mike Huckabee be the man? Will they brand the party in a way that will inspire and motivate the young J.C. Wattses of today, as Ronald Reagan and Don Nickles did for me 27 years ago? That's my fervent hope and prayer."

Well JC Watts asks the question, and Mitt Romney is the answer. Mitt Romney is the man with the conservative vision to save this great nation.

There has been a lot of talk from the pundits and the voters this political season about a lack of specifics, and complaints that the candidates only speak in platitudes and generalities. Voters aren't stupid, and won't be persuading by sheer personality or style, they demand substance. Well, there is one candidate who has been very specific and does have plans for what to do once in office. Coincidentally,this is the same candidate in first place in the polls in Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan and Nevada.

You want a contract with America? Mitt has outlined an even more focused agenda than the one Newt Gingrich did in 1994. I give you the Mitt Romney contract with America outline. It has his positions on the ten major issues facing the country and the 3 main things he will do to help solve these problems.


1. National Security - aka Defeating the Jihadists

A. Iraq - Mitt Romney is committed to success in Iraq and supports General Paetrus' recommendations. Romney said that over time he hopes to see troop levels reduced even further as Iraqi security forces are able to stand on their own.

"In my view, the most crucial objective we have in Iraq is to make sure it does not become a safe haven for al-Qaida and other Jihad terrorists," Romney said.

B. The Threat of Iran and Syria - Mitt's 5 point plan of sanctions, isolation, involving the Arab states, keeping the military option in hand, and building partnerships for prosperity.

C. Defense Spending - Mitt wants to increase defense spending to 4% of the nation's GDP in additon to adding 100,000 troops to the armed services.

"President Bush understands that our most crucial objective in Iraq is to make sure it does not become a safe haven for al-Qaeda and Jihadist terrorists. But that's just what would happen if Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards have their way. Our troop presence has emboldened Sunni leaders to resist al-Qaeda. This is progress – important progress.

"Today's assassination of Sheik Abdul-Sattar Abu Risha, who recently met with President Bush, underscores how serious Jihadists like al-Qaeda take this struggle, and we must do the same. Also of concern to all Americans is the growing evidence of Iran's role as an active antagonist in Iraq. The United States must craft an assertive and comprehensive strategy to get Iran to back off."

"In the previous global wars, there were many ways to lose, and victory was far from guaranteed. In the current conflict, there is only one way to lose, and that is if we as a civilization decide not to lift a finger to defend ourselves, our values, and our way of life."

"The Iranian regime threatens not only Israel, but also every other nation in the region, and ultimately the world. And that threat would take on an entirely new dimension if Iran were allowed to become a nuclear power. And just think of the signal a nuclear Iran would send to other rogue regimes with nuclear ambitions – this could be a tipping point in the development and proliferation of nuclear regimes. . . It is time for the world to plainly speak three truths: One, Iran must be stopped. Two, Iran can be stopped. And three, Iran will be stopped."

"Today we face a new generation of challenges globally and here at home," Romney's text says. "We will do as Americans have always done: We will rise to the occasion."

More on Mitt Romney's other stands on the issues tomorrow, with parts 2 & 3, taxes and immigration.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

In Case You Missed It- Sheriff Arpaio supports Mitt Romney

Very telling that one of the nations top border enforcement advocates supports Gov. Mitt Romney. He knows who is going to get it done. Mitt has a record of enforcing the law, and a record of actually accomplishing the things he sets out to do.

Sheriff Araupo knows what a lot of us know. If Mitt Romney wins the presidency we will get:

A. Completion of the border fence
B. A worker verification program
C. A crackdown on sanctuary cities

Those are 3 big steps in the right direction, and I don't think you could say you will get those 3 things if any of the other top candidates occupy the White House - Democrat or Republican.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thompson aide lobs bombs at Romney

I found this article through USA

Thompson aide: Romney will 'do anything, say anything, flip-flop on any position' to win

An e-mail headlined "Statement on Romney's South Carolina Cover-Up" seems to have rocketed the Republican nomination race into a new, nuclear phase.

The statement from Todd Harris, communications director for Fred Thompson, accuses Mitt Romney's campaign of a "half-baked cover-up" of what he alleges is the association between a Romney consultant and a hastily pulled website that said nasty things about Thompson.

Harris concluded with the kind of rhetoric that tends to warm Democratic hearts: "This latest episode only serves to prove what many voters are already figuring out: Mitt Romney will do anything, say anything, smear any opponent and flip flop on any position in order to win. The American people in general and the Republican Party in particular deserve better than this."

Romney spokesman Kevin Madden's response: "We had no knowledge of the development or administration of this site. We also disapprove of the site and have made it very clear that the site does not have an affiliation with our campaign." Madden also said: "Today is a day of remembrance, and should be a day without political statements or attacks on opposing campaigns."

Update at 6 p.m. ET: Harris tells us that the Thompson campaign "felt compelled" to respond today, rather than wait until tomorrow, after hearing the Romney camp attempt to "cover up" its connection to the website. "They need to know that if they're going to hit us, we're going to hit back harder," Harris said.

Our friends at ABC News also are following the story about Jake Tapper writes that the man behind the site is Wesley Donehue, who directly works for Mitt Romney's senior South Carolina consultant J . Warren Tompkins and another Romney consultant, Terry Sullivan.


It seems the Thompson campaign has no trouble and no hesitation when it comes to mud slinging. This clearly has nothing to do with the Romney campaign, but Fred Thompson's camp tries to make the connection anyways. The Thompson camp plays politics on the day of rememberence and grieving for 9/11 victims - showing a complete lack of class, not to mention forgetting Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment: "Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican."

You can hardly blame them though, with Mitt Romney currently in 1st place in the polls in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Michigan - it's only natural that the Fred Heads feel the need to attack him for something, anything they can think of no matter how reckless or irresponsible the allegations. After all, Thompson only leads in one state South Carolina and even there he is within the margin of error holding a slim lead over Rudy Giuliani. South Carolina is supposed to be the one state he should have in the bag, but he's in a virtual tie with a New York Yankee. Doesn't look good at all for Mr. Law and Order.

If Thompson's camp gets this bent out of shape over a website that has been described as "silly political satire" - they are not at all prepared to take on the Clinton machine. Whereas Mitt Romney has campaigned in the toughest state for a Republican and won. Fred Thompson ran as a conservative in Tennesse. That's more or less falling off a log. Should Thompson's unwarranted overly vicious attacks come back to bite him, we can only assume that he will be hiring yet another campaign manager.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mitt Romney on September 11th

This was released today from Mitt

Tuesday, Sep 11, 2007
CONTACT: Kevin Madden (857) 288-6390

Boston, MA – Today, Governor Mitt Romney issued the following statement on the sixth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001:

"On this day, radical Islamists brought terror to our shores. It is hard for our minds to contemplate a human darkness so vile that it celebrates murder and the destruction of innocent lives. But we can honor the bright memories of the fallen. Each person, whether taken in unknowing sacrifice or resigned to death after heroic struggle, stands in our mind's eye in the brilliant light of faith and patriotism. In the years since 9/11, the spreading evil of radical Jihad has been visited on other cities around the world. Yet, our resolve remains strong. From soldiers guarding our liberty on foreign shores to those of us living under the umbrella of the protection they provide, we are united in remembering loved ones lost on that day and in our determination to protect our homeland from future attacks."

Monday, September 10, 2007

Romney Camp on Univision Democrat Debates

Well, now that the democrats have finished their debate on what they are going to do about "terrorismo" and "immigracion" it's the Romney camp's turn to chime in.

This release is from

Boston, MA – Al Cardenas, the Chairman of Romney for President's National Hispanic Steering Committee, issued the following statement regarding tonight's Democrat presidential forum on Univision:

"Tonight's Univision forum demonstrated once again the consequences that a President Clinton, President Obama or President Edwards would have on the Hispanic community. Whether it's tax increases for families and the two million Hispanic business owners, socialist-style health care, coddling dictators, opposing free trade with our allies or putting family values last, the Democrat presidential candidates made clear how out of sync their policies are with the best interests of the Hispanic community.

"Mitt Romney has put in the effort to reach out to this vital bloc, and, after watching tonight's debate, I am confident his vision for the Hispanic community and all Americans will trounce the Democrats' vision in any match-up."

Someone out there agrees with me!

I found this little snipet at the website

A couple of months ago (before the Ames Straw Poll), I had the opportunity to meet Governor and Mrs. Romney in quite an unusual setting; in Church! Much to my surprise, they had no one else (as in entourage) with them. They simply arrived, found an empty place to sit and worshiped. As you may or may not be aware, Sabbath Day services in the LDS Church are comprised of 3 different 1 hour (approximately) blocks. They did not simply make a "face time" appearance, they attended all 3 meetings. I was impressed by their humility and lack of self-importance.
To the point of your article, I sat next to the Governor in one of those meetings. During the few minutes before the meeting began, we talked about a few things, including the fact that I had been hoping for his candidacy since he had done his turnaround of the SLC Olympics. As the class was about to begin, I told him, "Governor, it occurs to me that I have an opportunity here that I will likely never have again. I have a "Dream Team" as far as a ticket is concerned." He smiled and told me to go ahead. I gave him the name of someone who, I think, others in addition to myself could get behind. I told him, "Yourself and J.C. Watts". His response was, "Interesting".

I think the country has missed Mr. Watts service and, in so many ways, Mr. Watts would add to a ticket headed by Governor Romney. In one fell swoop, it would blast through 3 different barriers; Southern, Evangelical and Racial. The best part of a selection of Mr. Watts is that in no way is it simply a "token" or a "balancing" effort. I believe that he would simply be one of the best selections that any candidate could make.

- So, I'm not the only one who thinks Mr. Watts would add value to the ticket. I have to say the more I think about it the more it seems like it IS going to happen. Should be exciting.


Well, it is looking more and more like My Man Mitt may well be the party's nominee come this time next year. Let's keep our fingers crossed, the candidates have been throwing out names about who their runningmates might be. The governor of Florida was mentioned once by the Romney camp I believe. But, for my money he couldn't do better than JC Watts. I like Watts a lot, and here are some reasons why:

1) Rock Hard Conservative Credentials- Watts has a voting record that is for impoving communities, exercising fiscal discipline, school vouchers, family values and a strong national defense. JC Watts is for the 3 legged stool which Mitt Romney has made a major part of his campaign.

2) The 1994 Republican Revolution- JC was a part of the 1994 Republican Revolution, he won over a lot of black voters in Oklahoma who might not have voted Republican if not for Watts' ability to clearly and effectively state GOP positions and issues in a way that wins people over. He is charismatic and eloquent, if the GOP was ever going to do 180 turn from the ramblings and poor sellsmanship of George W. Bush, a Romney-Watts ticket is the way to do it.

3) The Southern Vote- Romney may encounter some resistance in the South from strident anti-mormon zealots. What better way to build trust with evangelicals and baptists than to have one as his running mate. JC Watts has a strong Christian heritage and even became an associate pastor for his church. His presense on the ticket sends a clear message that although Mormons and Baptists may have different beliefs, they should unite for common goals. Goals such as the over turning of Roe V Wade, abstinence education, opposition to gay-marriage, and the promotion of American family values. JC Watts and Mitt Romney both have 5 children each and together could help turn America back on to the right course - not just through their legislation but by their examples.

4) The Black Vote- Mitt Romney may also have a slight problem with getting the black vote. Adding JC Watts to the ticket should pick that up some. I believe in the last election George W. Bush received 16% of the black vote. A Romney-Watts ticket should be able to get at least 26% or better. If the GOP can do that, the Democrats are dead in the water. The other thing that having JC as a running mate would do is expose the hypocrisy in the media. Ever since Barrack Obama threw his hat into the ring, we've been bombarded with questions like, "Is America Ready for a Black President"? Let's see how much they ask this about JC Watts, let's see how many great portraits of JC Watts they put on the cover of Newsweek. Don't hold your breath.

The other way this could be huge is if the Romney-Watts ticket does capture 30% of the black vote it will permanently alter the political landscape. And once African-Americans see the fruits of Republican legislation in their neighborhoods, that will drive even more of them to the GOP. It will also be a huge psychological blow to the DNC that the first African-American Vice President was a Republican. But, more than that it will be a blow to their image. One which they may not full recover from.

5) JC Watts would not only make a good running mate, but 8 years from now - he'd make a great President. He has the whole package, the looks, the brains, the credentials and the integrity. Again, it would be a huge blow to the Dems when the first black president is a Republican (unless you count Bill Clinton). But, more than that JC Watts is the right man for the job, it again goes back to the 3 legged stool of a strong military, a strong economy and strong families. 16 years of that is the right prescription for America, and she needs it badly.


Sure he looks like a President, but Time Magazine has done everything within their power to make him look bad on their cover. Seriously, can anyone find me a worse picture of Mitt Romney than the one that TIME used? Everything about this photo is a contrived effort to make Romney look unpresidential. Here is the rundown:

1) The photo is distorted. It is too close, this causes his chin and nose to look bigger than they are and causes a feeling of uncomfort upon the viewer.

2) The cropping off of the top of Mitt's head is also done to cause an unsettling effect. Also his head is tilted so that his chin is going right into the corner creating a tangent, this also is meant to have an unsettling effect upon the reader.

3) The picture is in black and white. This highlights every wrinkle in his face, as well as the grey around his temples making his look much older than he would if the picture were in color.

4) He is looking off to the side, this subtley gives the impression that he is scheming or lying about something.

5) The title of the article is quite sarcastic as to suggest that he only looks like a President and doesn't "really" believe anything.

Another great hit piece by the liberal media. Time Magazine, now brought to you by the DNC. There is no question that TIME magazine is taking sides in politics, and that they are very much pro-Democrat. Need proof? A picture is worth a 1000 words.

Notice how all of these pictures are in color, and of smiling (showing teeth) Democrats? Notice how they are looking directly at the viewer, and there is no photographic distortion and none of their chins are going into the corner of the page? Do you also notice that their red, white and blue attire is presented in full color to show their patriotism? Notice how none of them have the tops of their heads cut off by article about Shrek????

Oh well, I guess Mitt shouldn't feel too bad. He's only had photographic distortion used against him, and not Photoshop. After all, if he does end up winning the election he can look forward to pictures like this: