Saturday, October 6, 2007

Viva 1994!

There has been a lot said on the blogs and by various news articles about Mitt Romney's change of heart on abortion. Some are trying to call him a flip-flopper, and claiming that his change of position is only for political expediency. Many bloggers even go as far as to say that Mitt went from Massuchussetts liberal to heartland conservative. Given Mitt's track record as Governor - I can't imagine what they are talking about. So, they say he ran as a liberal when he ran against Ted Kennedy in the 1994 Senate race. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Check out this campaign flyer from 1994 can anyone tell me what is liberal on Mitt's record?

Didn't think so. I guess it's all in how you look at it. For many republicans they see a candidate coming from a blue state like Massuchessetts and view that as a negative. Where I see almost nothing but positive from it here's why:

1) He can win blue states. Having MItt as the nominee puts New Hampshire and Michigan in play. Forcing the democrats to spend money where they other wise would not. And, that is just so far, after he gets the nomination and there is no telling how many more traditionally democrat areas could be for him, but certainly Michigan is huge.

2) Mitt Romney is a heck of a campaigner as he gave Kennedy a run for his money - literally. Teddy boy had to take out another mortage on his home to pay for his campaign against Romney. In 36 years in the Senate 1994 was the ONLY time that Ted Kennedy has had to actually campaign for office, normally he just gets voted in automatically because he has the right last name. If I remember correctly he lost by a margin of 51-49% of the vote, and gave Ted the scare of his life.

3) He knows how to defeat Democrats in a Democrat state, and how to do battle with Democrats. Who saved Mass. when they had a 3 billion dollar budget deficit without raising taxes? Mitt Romney. Who vetoed countless bills that came from the Mass. legislature. Mitt Romney. Who fought for traditional marriage and family? Mitt Romney. Gov. Romney has been on the front lines of the culture war and knows the dark intentions of the liberal left, therefore he is more suited to defeat them.

4) Republican governors who come from Blue states, tend to be more conservative than ones who come from Red states. Think about it, Reagan was a blue state governor and very conservative in the White House, he has been fighting liberals in California and kept up the good fight in Washington. W. Bush was a Texas conservative who reached across the aisle and worked with Democrats. He tried to do the same thing in Washington only problem is Washington Democrats and not like Texas Democrats.

5) Winning a successful capitalist Republican in Massuchussetts shows that Mitt can win anywhere. I mean is it seriously impressive that John McCain gets elected senator in a conservative state like Arizona? Or Fred Thompson in Tennesse? Winning as a conservative Republican in those areas is a cake walk. Is it any wonder Mitt Romney is 1st in fund raising? How is the least known of the four main Republican candidates in 1st place in fund raising (not even counting his own money)? It's because he knows how to get things done and how to win.

Let's just hope the Republican party gives it's self the best chance at defeating Hillzilla by nominating someone with a track record of big successes and overcoming impossible odds. Someone like Mitt Romney.

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