Friday, March 14, 2008

The M & M ticket (McCain & Mitt)

Another article about what a great VP Mitt Romney would be for the McCain ticket, and the list some of the reasons that I hadn't even thought of, such as:

• "With a 72-year-old president, the vice president has to be ready to take over," Jowers said. "I think Romney is the best choice for a vice-presidential candidate McCain could have."

• Additionally, Jowers said, Romney brings an important talent to the race — the ability to raise a lot of money. Romney said during Tuesday's interview that his top fundraisers have met with the McCain campaign.

• Romney's campaign was also viewed as well-organized. Add to that Romney's acceptance by many conservatives — something McCain still struggles with. And, of course, don't discount those presidential — or vice presidential — looks Romney brings.

• "The 2008 election is the Democrats' to lose," Jowers said. "Everything seems to be going in the Democrats' direction." But a McCain-Romney ticket could bring moderates and conservatives to the polls.

• Jowers said with McCain's popularity and the number of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in California, the biggest prize of electoral college votes could go Republican.

• Charles W. Dunn, dean of Regent University's School of Government, who has met Romney on several occasions, said Romney would bring geographic balance to the ticket, putting states like Michigan and Massachusetts into play for the Republicans.

• Dunn said Romney would be a "strong asset" for McCain when it came to the age issues as well as McCain's often quoted line that he does not understand the economy well — which Romney himself used against McCain while on the campaign trail.

• Romney has strong support among conservatives, as illustrated by the crowd's reaction when he dropped out of the race at CPAC. "That would give the conservatives the enthusiasm to go all out for the McCain-Romney ticket,"

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Anonymous said...

The only chance for McCain to win the election is a "M&M" ticket with Romney, read my lips!