Monday, November 12, 2007

Huckabee wrong on taxes, wrong on immigration

I wrote in an earlier post about Huckabee missing on of the legs of the three legged stool of the Republican coalition (Economy, Military, Family) , namely not being for a strong economy based on his record of raising taxes. He was responsible as governor for the largest tax increase in the history of Arkansas. What I neglected to mention however is that one of the other legs of the stool is wobbly.

I'm talking about National Security. He says he is in favor of securing the border while on the campaign trail, but his actions as Governor have been very much against the rule of the law. Mike Huckabee has been in favor of:

- Tuition Breaks for Illegals
- Amnesty for Illegals
- Welfare for Illegal Immigrants
- Advocated for a Mexican Consulat office to be built in Arkansas so illegals there could have easier access to ID's
- He has said that "Family values don't end a the Rio Grande."
- He has called legistlation to cut off funds for illegals "racist"

Here is a candidate for President who says that he wants to enforce the border, but doesn't want to do anything to stop the sanctuary cities, and benefits that are drawing them here in the first place. Either he doesn't understand the issue, or is not as pro-border enforcement as he is campaigning to be. By blaming only the federal goverment and border agents for the problem he gets to appear pro-rule of law, while distracting from his record as Governor. The long and the short of it is, he was behind the largest tax increase in Arkansas history, supports benefits for those who illegally stay in the country, and has said he would support a Nanny-state nationwide ban on cigarette smoking. Sorry Mike, it's three strikes and you're out!

In other bad news for Governor Huckabee, he DID pick up an endorsement. Unfortunately, it's Bill Maher's:

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vote for hillary online said...

The Huckster doesn't stand a real chance at winning the presidency. You want a real candidate with real values? You want Hillary Clinton. Just trust me.