Wednesday, November 21, 2007


The latest poll we ran had J.C. Watts being selected as Mitt Romneys' running mate yet again. This is the second time we've ran a poll asking who you'd like to see on the ticket, and this is the second time Watts wins in a landslide with nearly 60% of the votes.

Last time we ran the poll there were some people who were under consideration for the nomination by bloggers and pundits who we didn't list. So, this time we listed the top ten potential running mates, including Sarah Palin, Charlie Crist and Mike Huckabee. It's clear the Republicans are excited for J.C.Watts, and they ought to be. Here are some of the things that having a Romney-Watts ticket would bring to the table.

* Romney-Watts 08 - it just sounds good

* The Clintons have already shown propensity of using the flip-flopper charge against the Romney campaign. No one says that about J.C. he is true blue conservative.

* The first black vice president should be a Republican. The Republicans have a chance to make history. The word out of Hillary's camp is there is no way she will have a minority on the ticket as her running mate. The leading assumptions are she will run with either General Wesley Clark (White-male) or Senator Evan Byah (White-Male). Romney with J.C. Watts as veep gets a lot of headlines, and free press that another running mate might not. They'll need this as the media worships the Clintons.

* The Clinton machine is sure to attack Romney over his religion, and it's history of blacks and their full membership into his church. Having Watts as veep, takes an arrow out of their quiver.

* It has long been said that the Democrat party is so dependent on the black vote that should 20% of them vote differently the Democrats could never win another national election. The African-American voters belong in the Republican party, a large majority of African-American voters are pro-life, pro-school voucher, pro-job growth, and pro- border enforcement. So, with J.C. Watts on the ticket, a greater number are more likely to study the issues than simply vote for their traditional party as always - especially if it's Hillary and Clark, or Byah (an all white ticket).

* The other thing having J.C. on the ticket does, is show that Baptists and Mormons can get along. The south is a crucial voting block for the GOP and while the mainstream media, and the pundits would question the wisdom of Romney's choice of J.C.Watts as his running mate, suggesting that the "racially divided" south would be less likely to vote a black man into power - they have another thing coming. Like most issues, this is one where the MSM and the pundits don't know what they are talking about and are completely out of touch. The south will vote for J.C. Watts, in fact a lot of white people will vote for the Romney-Watts ticket just BECAUSE they are fed up with the media telling them how racist they are. The first black vice president will happen with the Romney-Watts ticket, and white people in the south will not only vote for him, but will say, "It's about time".

* The best part is it would fragment the DNC, the Romney-Watts ticket is sure to pull 20-40% of the black vote away from the Democrats. After they win, the question has to be asked, if the Democrats are the party that is for the African-Americans why was the first one in the White House a Republican? African-American dissatisfaction with the DNC is at an all time high, this election could be the tipping point.

* Watts is one of the best speakers and debaters of our time. He would make headlines wherever he went. And if he were used to focus almost exclusively on education, the GOP could really attract a lot of voters. Vouchers make too much sense, especially for those who live in big cities with bad schools, places like Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Oakland, Los Angeles. If the Romney-Watts ticket can find a way to make it a national issue, Clinton's staunch defense of the teachers unions is going to ring as hollow and purchased as it really is. She has no programs, no ideas for improving education, her interests are the teachers unions interests, and those are preserving the status quo. Get Watts to rally the nation around the idea of school choice, and this becomes an issue that not only helps Romney to the presidency but will help GOP members in congresssional, senate and local elections. Not to mention, it would put Illinois, California and New York into play. And that spells bad news for the Clintons, and good news for America.

Click on the link to see J.C. Watts slam Rudy Giuliani, like only J.C. can:

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