Monday, September 10, 2007


Sure he looks like a President, but Time Magazine has done everything within their power to make him look bad on their cover. Seriously, can anyone find me a worse picture of Mitt Romney than the one that TIME used? Everything about this photo is a contrived effort to make Romney look unpresidential. Here is the rundown:

1) The photo is distorted. It is too close, this causes his chin and nose to look bigger than they are and causes a feeling of uncomfort upon the viewer.

2) The cropping off of the top of Mitt's head is also done to cause an unsettling effect. Also his head is tilted so that his chin is going right into the corner creating a tangent, this also is meant to have an unsettling effect upon the reader.

3) The picture is in black and white. This highlights every wrinkle in his face, as well as the grey around his temples making his look much older than he would if the picture were in color.

4) He is looking off to the side, this subtley gives the impression that he is scheming or lying about something.

5) The title of the article is quite sarcastic as to suggest that he only looks like a President and doesn't "really" believe anything.

Another great hit piece by the liberal media. Time Magazine, now brought to you by the DNC. There is no question that TIME magazine is taking sides in politics, and that they are very much pro-Democrat. Need proof? A picture is worth a 1000 words.

Notice how all of these pictures are in color, and of smiling (showing teeth) Democrats? Notice how they are looking directly at the viewer, and there is no photographic distortion and none of their chins are going into the corner of the page? Do you also notice that their red, white and blue attire is presented in full color to show their patriotism? Notice how none of them have the tops of their heads cut off by article about Shrek????

Oh well, I guess Mitt shouldn't feel too bad. He's only had photographic distortion used against him, and not Photoshop. After all, if he does end up winning the election he can look forward to pictures like this:


TylerD said...

Great post! Very nice analysis showing Time's covers. It's interesting to see how they doctored pictures of Bush and Romney but didn't really do anything (besides the probable photoshop flattery) to the Dems' photos. The news? Hardly. It looks like Time is in the editorial business.

CheyennePress said...

Absolutely. The photo Time used of Romney makes the man look like George H.W. Bush. Not that there is anything wrong with that other than the fact that 1) Romney looks a decade younger in most pictures taken of him 2) Romney is far better looking than Bush or Obama and really anyone else running.

So Time put a stop to that with this goofy cover. And headline. It seems to me that they've got even worse over the past 5 years or so. They used to trail Newsweek in terms of their bias, but they seemed determined to catch up.

Jon Colton said...

It is unbelievable how blatant and easy to prove their bias is. They don't make it hard at all, you don't even have to read the blasted magazine you can merely inventory their covers - and walla you get an instant idea of biased against Republicans they are. They don't even try to hide it. The only reason that TIME is still even considered a slightly respectable publication is because the networks are biased as well, so they treat TIME like a credible source.

Anonymous said...

I quit reading their tripe 15 years ago.

Beth said...

Great job of showing the obvious bias.

One other observation -- Mitt's picture being in black and white also gives the impression of being in the 50s when there was no color t.v. -- subliminal message?

Mitt Romney? Outdated.

He is the best there is, in my opinion.