Monday, September 10, 2007


Well, it is looking more and more like My Man Mitt may well be the party's nominee come this time next year. Let's keep our fingers crossed, the candidates have been throwing out names about who their runningmates might be. The governor of Florida was mentioned once by the Romney camp I believe. But, for my money he couldn't do better than JC Watts. I like Watts a lot, and here are some reasons why:

1) Rock Hard Conservative Credentials- Watts has a voting record that is for impoving communities, exercising fiscal discipline, school vouchers, family values and a strong national defense. JC Watts is for the 3 legged stool which Mitt Romney has made a major part of his campaign.

2) The 1994 Republican Revolution- JC was a part of the 1994 Republican Revolution, he won over a lot of black voters in Oklahoma who might not have voted Republican if not for Watts' ability to clearly and effectively state GOP positions and issues in a way that wins people over. He is charismatic and eloquent, if the GOP was ever going to do 180 turn from the ramblings and poor sellsmanship of George W. Bush, a Romney-Watts ticket is the way to do it.

3) The Southern Vote- Romney may encounter some resistance in the South from strident anti-mormon zealots. What better way to build trust with evangelicals and baptists than to have one as his running mate. JC Watts has a strong Christian heritage and even became an associate pastor for his church. His presense on the ticket sends a clear message that although Mormons and Baptists may have different beliefs, they should unite for common goals. Goals such as the over turning of Roe V Wade, abstinence education, opposition to gay-marriage, and the promotion of American family values. JC Watts and Mitt Romney both have 5 children each and together could help turn America back on to the right course - not just through their legislation but by their examples.

4) The Black Vote- Mitt Romney may also have a slight problem with getting the black vote. Adding JC Watts to the ticket should pick that up some. I believe in the last election George W. Bush received 16% of the black vote. A Romney-Watts ticket should be able to get at least 26% or better. If the GOP can do that, the Democrats are dead in the water. The other thing that having JC as a running mate would do is expose the hypocrisy in the media. Ever since Barrack Obama threw his hat into the ring, we've been bombarded with questions like, "Is America Ready for a Black President"? Let's see how much they ask this about JC Watts, let's see how many great portraits of JC Watts they put on the cover of Newsweek. Don't hold your breath.

The other way this could be huge is if the Romney-Watts ticket does capture 30% of the black vote it will permanently alter the political landscape. And once African-Americans see the fruits of Republican legislation in their neighborhoods, that will drive even more of them to the GOP. It will also be a huge psychological blow to the DNC that the first African-American Vice President was a Republican. But, more than that it will be a blow to their image. One which they may not full recover from.

5) JC Watts would not only make a good running mate, but 8 years from now - he'd make a great President. He has the whole package, the looks, the brains, the credentials and the integrity. Again, it would be a huge blow to the Dems when the first black president is a Republican (unless you count Bill Clinton). But, more than that JC Watts is the right man for the job, it again goes back to the 3 legged stool of a strong military, a strong economy and strong families. 16 years of that is the right prescription for America, and she needs it badly.


ElephantMan said...

Watts would be a strong conservative candidate...but I have another suggestion.

Try Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska: Strong Conservative, pro-life, Lifetime NRA Member, and the most popular governor in America (appproval ratings have cracked 90% at times and disapproval never makes it out of single digits). Better yet, she's only 43 years old and will more than capable of taking over in 2016.

And now I'll admit my bias....I run a "Draft Palin for VP" and have been steadily gaining support. Please take some time to look at it:

Jon Colton said...

That's an interesting idea, I must confess to my ignorance regarding Gov. Palin. I just finished watching some video's of her on Youtube along with checking out your blog. She seems like a strong personality, and a definate conservative. BUT, a lot about what you want in VP is the votes they can get you that you'd have trouble with otherwise.

If Rudy Giuliani wins the nomination - she should be at the top of his list. As he is doing terribly among female voters, and would still need to show that his administration would be conservative.

Gov. Romney however does best among women of the Republican candidates, and his wife Ann would basically serve a similar purpose as for as vote getting goes.

Where Mitt Romney is most likely to be weak is among a) southern voters b) black voters c) evangelicals and baptists. So, JC Watts is a natural choice as he covers all three of these.

Of course since Gov. Palin is so young, she'd make a great VP to President Watts. :)