Wednesday, December 5, 2007

ABC News On Huckabee Paroling Rapist DuMond

As Cameron Diaz once said, "If you want rape to be legalized, don't vote". She may as well have said, "if you want rape to be legalized, vote Huckabee".

Romney was lambasted last month for a poor decision a judicial appointee made, this has a lot more direct involvement from Govenor Huckabee. He personally advocated for the release of the rapist, even after meeting with the victim. Not surprising Huckabee's response is an outright lie and denial.

* He lied about not having any involvement in pushing for the rapists release.

* He lied about raising taxes in Arkansas.

* He lied about being an advocate for illegals.

Haven't we had enough of lying Governors from Arkansas? What do Iowans see in this guy? Arkansas is sick of him, and he would never get re-elected in Arkansas after passing the largest tax increase in the state's history.

Why do Iowans think he'd make a good president? Is it because he lost weight? Why not just vote for Jared?

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