Monday, December 24, 2007

Romney has largest organization in Wyoming Primary

Interesting article on the 2nd contest in this year's primary (it's not New Hampshire).

Romney's campaign has one of the largest on-the-ground efforts, according to observers in the state. The former Massachusetts governor and head of the 2002 Winter Olympics in nearby Salt Lake City is organizing a large grassroots campaign in the state, says Matt Micheli, one of two state coordinators there.

This is a good move on Romney's part because this primary despite being ignored nationally right now is going to be a huge media event once all the votes are in.
Which sets Romney up for consecutive wins.

- Iowa: Jan. 3

- Wyoming: Jan. 5

- New Hampshire: Jan. 8

- Michigan: Jan. 15

- Nevada: Jan. 19 (also South Carolina GOP)

- South Carolina: (Democrats) Jan. 26

- Florida: Jan. 29

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