Friday, January 11, 2008

CNN: Gov. Romney On The Michigan Economy

Some comments from the Youtube comments:

Michigan's unemployment level is at a staggering 7.4% and the average unemployment level in the US is over 5%! We have been losing our jobs to third world countries for the past 30 years and McCain knows it and in all his years in Washinton did nothing to prevent it! He even attempted to allow ilegals to buy their citizenship! Romney has the proven record for saving lost jobs and has the greatest shot at saving our economy! A vote for Romney is a vote for our jobs!

McCain says he is just giving straight talk that jobs are not coming back? That is a defeatist attitude. It is only true if you don't know how to get the jobs back or why they come and go. Gov. Romney not only knows how to do that, he will do it. People of Michigan: VOTE FOR ROMNEY!

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