Saturday, January 19, 2008

Random Thoughts on Today's Win

While the Main Stream Media will in likely hood be calling Senator McCain the front runner after South Carolina, the facts remain:

Total Delegates
Mitt Romney 72
John McCain 32
Mike Huckabee 27

Yeah, John McCain’s nomination is going to rally the Republican party much like Bob Dole did. Basically, go over like a lead balloon. Uh, lets see

- He’s been in the Senate for decades
- He’s a certified war hero
- He’s as old as dirt
- He’s ran for President 3 times before
- It’s his turn to get the nomination

Yes, it is! It is Bob Dole! I've seen this movie before and didn't like way it ends. He is just a slightly meaner, nastier version of ole Bob. The country is crying out for change and a new direction for American politics, and the Republican’s send out Senator Palpatine as their nominee? I don't think so.

*McCain is done after Super-Tuesday. Romney has raised almost 3 times as much money in Arizona as McCain. They are all pissed at McCain over McAmnesty, and Romney won the endorsement of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Can’t wait to see McCain answering questions about why Romney won Arizona.

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