Saturday, January 12, 2008

Evangelicals Thumbing Their Nose at GOP

It is time for the evangelical Huckabee supporters to understand that Economic & Fiscal conservatives now get to make the same threat that Evangelicals made earlier. Evangelical Huckabee supporters don't like Rudy because he's pro-choice. Economic/Fiscal conservatives don't like Huckabee (nor McCain for that matter) because these guys aren't fiscal or economic conservatives at all...their records prove it.

Here are the ultimatums from both sides:

*Nominate Rudy and Evangelicals abandon the GOP in Nov.
*Nominate Huckabee (or McCain) and Econ/Fiscal conservatives abandon the GOP in Nov.

Either way - we all lose.

Fred & Mitt are the only candidates who offer both groups what they want in a presidential platform and thus Fred & Mitt are the only candidates who can win in November. Of those two - Fred is the long shot and doesn't have a whole lot going for him at all...which makes him the poorer choice of the two. The time has come to take a serious, serious look at Mitt Romney and everything he stands for.

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Yankee Tirade said...

In 2002 I had the chance to meet Mitt Romney for the first time. He was serving food at the Court Street Shelter for veterans in Downtown Boston. I was living there at the time and showed up to get lunch near the end of the lunch hour.

As I walked into the empty kitchen area I saw that it was Mitt Romney and I and one other person looking at each other. We had a brief discussion as to what the place was like. It lasted about 5 minutes at best, but he left a favorble impression on me.

In early 2003 on his inaguaration day as Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts he served breakfast with his wife and his Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healy and her husband. As I approached the line they ran out of food and I got stuck waiting there and had a conversation with Mitt and his wife Ann. She informed that her father had been a Marine, and that there seemed to be a lot of Marines at Court Street. I informed her there were too many.

I went to the inauguration later that day and had a great view from the atrium looking down at the initial proceedings.

Later in the year when it became obvious that there had been some bad financial management of the facility at Court Street , Governor Romney wrote a personal check to keep the utilities from being shut off.

He is the only politician I ever saw go in there. He actually would have one on one discussions, not just photo opportunities. He saw that there was a problem and attempted to fix what he could instead of lip service.

Mitt Romney is a problem solver…that I saw first hand.