Friday, January 4, 2008

On to New Hampshire!

Senator John McCain smiles as he calls Governor Huckabee to congratulate him on his win in Iowa. Recent reports suggest that Huckabee and McCain have agreed to run as a ticket, and have combined their efforts to attack Mitt Romney.

Some interesting points brought up regarding the Huckabee win, that put things in perspective:

* Reagan and Bush lost Iowa. So, if anything - statistically speaking the winner of Iowa may be a greater indicator of who is NOT going to get the nomination than who is.

* Turn Rich Lowry's numbers around ( and you'd see something very interesting - if Utah was the first caucus and 60% of caucusers were Mormons and Mitt only got 1/3 of the vote and only won by 9 points, you'd say he lost. You'd say that even if his opponent had spent millions more. I hate to sound like a sore loser, but the media response doesn't make sense to me. Given the favorable circumstances, I think Huckabee lost and Mitt won.

I mean seriously, no offense to Iowans - but I really think they blew it. They gave their votes to the one candidate who has absolutely no chance of getting the nomination. What are the odds that the Republican party is going to nominate a candidate who:

* Has the endorsement of the NEA
* Is opposed to vouchers and school choice
* Has a history of raising numerous taxes
* Supports benefits for illegals
* Has exploited a celebrity endorsement like no one else in the modern era
* Questions his opponents religious beliefs as part of his platform
* Who plays the populist and class envy card relentlessly
* Who has a history of pardoning rapists, murders, and generally being soft on crime

These ingredients do not a Republican nominee make.

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