Thursday, January 10, 2008

Romney's 1st 100 Days!

I got my absentee voter ballot in the mail today, and couldn't have been more thrilled. Finally, I get the chance to do what people in Iowa, New Hampshire and Wyoming have done- VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY! Mitt is already getting votes in California, way to go!

On a semi-related note, I was pondering what Mitt needs to do to get his message out in an effective way. I know he has tons of campaign staff, and advisers but I just can't help but throw my two cents in. The things that I keep hearing on the news over and over from voters is the complaint that the candidates never tell the people what they are going to do once elected. Now personally, I don't know why people say that, it seems like there have been 187 debates so far, Romney has his website, his 73 page guide to a Stronger America - which outlines his policy proposals pretty well.

That being said, I think he needs to simplify. Yes, Mitt needs to keep on saying the things he has been saying, and pushing for his policies, but he needs to say it in a simpler way in my opinion. One of the things, I've liked about Mitt's campaign is his focus on the 3 things that make up the conservative coalition - Strong Defense, Strong Economy, and Strong Families. It tells you basically what he's about, and it's easy to remember. People like things in threes: The Three Bears, the Three Little Pigs, The 3 Wisemen, 3 blind mice, 3 musketeers, 3 stooges, 3 Amigos, etc.

But, he needs to simplify that message and be more specific at the same time - how does he do this?

Easy. Offer up one thing related to his 3 legs of the stool that he is going to do in
the 1st 100 days of the Romney Administration. I propose the following:

1) Finish the Border Fence- You remember the fence don't you? The thing that Congress signed a law promising to build (before the elections) and has since stopped funding for it's construction. Nothing symbolizes a "broken Washington" like the unfinished border fence. It was supposed to be finished by May 30, 2007. Today only 70 miles of the 700 mile fence have been completed and the parts that were completed are not up to the standards of the original specs in the bill.

Could Romney get this done in the 1st 100 days? Without a doubt. With a voter mandate of having won the election and the fact that Congress has already agreed to do this. Getting this done, should not be a problem. It would also hammer home the fact that the new boss is from the business world where results are expected.

2) Lower Gas Prices- With the price of gasoline quickly approaching $4 per gallon, consumers are feeling the pinch. The middle class is affected the most by the high price of gasoline, less cash on hand for the middle class is largely what has some economists concerned about the possibility of a recession in the near future. President Romney should convene a meeting with the Governors of all 50 states, and have them all resolve (signing a 30 year contract) by which all grades of gasoline in the United States will be the same. I believe their are currently 26 different grades of gas in the U.S. this is a large part of reason gasoline is so expensive, because the oil refineries have to make 26 different types of gasoline just for the U.S. Even if all 50 states adopted a supposedly higher grade and safer grade of gasoline, such as California's it would still lead to lower gas prices. California's grade might be a good one for the nation to adopt as California is the most populated state in the nation - and it would be OK for the other liberal states that require a different grade of gasoline.

Putting the US on a national standard for gasoline only makes sense, doing that plus decreasing some of the federal gas tax, would be something that every American would notice. It's a sign on every street corner that things are changing and would underscore once again that there is a new boss running the show, and that having a business man in change might be a great idea.

3) Tax Relief for Middle-Class Families
I know Governor Romney really wants to be the biggest tax cutter in recent American history as he has proposed to eliminate the Death Tax, lower Corporate Tax Rates, and there are many other taxes that he proposed to do away with along with cutting spending, and consolidating government. Those are all things to do later in his term, first thing is Tax Relief for the middle class. Congress (even if it's a Democratic one) could hardly fight this, as it is so badly needed. The Romney Administration can determine what form this would take, but it should be a large enough of a tax break that people remember getting their check, and that it spurs on the economy.

Each of these three things fits in with Romney's policy proposal and message:

Strong National Defense - Finish Border Fence
Strong Economy - Lower Gas Prices by using the free market
Strong Families - Tax Relief for Middle Class Families

You never get another chance to make a first impression, and the first 100 days of the Romney administration could determine if there will be a 2nd term. If Romney will adopt these ideas into his campaign- he will be win Michigan, South Carolina and Florida. He will also win over a lot of people who didn't vote for him the first time, but will the 2nd.

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